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"be somebody,
not somebody’s.
you are your own person
and your own decider.
live for yourself
and not for others.
if you live for someone else,
you’ll never live at all."

(c.m.t.)   My Life: Table for One (via brokenpoetswork)

Far East Movement - Little Bird (by FarEastMovementVEVO)

so true

Rihanna/Future - Loveeeeeee Song (Rendition) by SoMo (by TheMrSoMo)

I think this version is better than the original.. Such lovely voice..

Dirrty south meets the north East in the Mid 2000’s! Let’s go!
Hip Hop still lives!

love it…


In Love with this song….


ooohhhh so true

"You look at me and it’s like you hit me with lightning"


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